To access your Triangle Logistics Management dashboard, login to your account here.

To access your TLM Logistics Management dashboard, login to your account here.

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SAVIY is TLM’s Proprietary owned freight management software that allows you to manage, track and monitor all aspects of your freight profile in one simple to use freight management system.

SAVIY was designed to streamline the day to day processes of all your logistics operations. SAVIY is directly integrated with a wide range of carriers which allows our clients to use one platform for all of their freight movements.

All carriers in the SAVIY system follow the same process, this allows our clients to create all paperwork, track all consignments and get pricing all in the same place.


Each clients SAVIY portal is customised to fit individual client’s needs, whether it be financial reporting for the accounts team, DIFOT and volume reporting for the warehouse and distribution teams.
SAVIY simplifies the despatch process by automating carrier selection based on set preferences by our clients. Delivery choices include best practice provider, least cost or best ETA. SAVIY streamlines the whole booking process to save your team time and minimise errors.


SAVIY’s bespoke reporting suite includes but is not limited to:

  • Cost per con, per state, state or carrier, etc.
  • Exception reporting etc.
  • Weight, Cubic, true delivery DIFOT – not carrier generated figures.


  • Manage all your rates across all carriers in your portfolio.
  • Receive quotes across all carriers using our Quick Quote function
  • Price comparisons for each consignment to ensure you are selecting the most cost effective option every time


Our industry leading Transport SOFTWARE allows you to consign, track & trace your shipments from anywhere, as well as keep track of your TOTAL activity, expenditure AND POD’s for all carriers used.


Our customer-focused team will manage all freight functions on your behalf further creating efficiency & time savings for you and your staff. You can focus on your core business and leave the freight to us. 


Regular meetings are held between TLM and clients in an ongoing management process with data presented to maximise optimisation of usage and expenditure at all times.

Always open

We operate 24/7 for certain clients enabling a genuine single point of contact for the whole business freight and supply chain management, so you’ll never have to wonder if you can receive help for our service or not.


TLM will happily provide referees and case studies from our major global brand retailers, manufacturers, FMCG’s and distributors. We are proud of the product we offer and the service we deliver.