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Who we are

We are an award winning Australian 4PL Supply Chain Integration company. We make freight simpler and easier to manage. We develop, implement and manage global and domestic logistics solutions. Our technology, software and business is developed by experienced freight people, for experienced freight managers to reduce expenditure and create efficiency. We optimise & enhance service standards to your end customer. We do not make change without enhancement.  We work with some of Australia’s largest retailers, manufacturers, FMCG’s, wholesalers and distributors.


Working together with you we highlight the improvements that can be made to your business to create benefits in the way of efficiencies, service, time, labour and expenditure. We assist you in designing the premium “Best In Class” freight network & go to market anonymously on your behalf to ensure you are benchmarked against marketplace & we then utilise our buying power and expertise to achieve “better than marketplace” expenditure outcomes. Carrier representatives will attend site with us to ensure understanding and COR and Safety measures are complied with. Further, we provide our own technologies & software to your business to allow far greater visibility of freight, expenditure, and reporting enabling you to have far greater “freight Intelligence” than you do now.

Ongoing Reporting

Tailored reporting will be designed during this process to ensure you truly understand your usage patterns, ensure optimisation opportunities are realised and expenditure is reduced. We can tailor reports to achieve whatever outcomes you require. Common themes are:

  • Cost per consignment average across the day, week, month, etc
  • Weight per consignment average
  • Cost/weight per client, state, region, branch
  • Expenditure to date per day, week month, etc.
  • DIFOT performance
  • Incoming from 3rd party providers instead of sent from warehouse freight
  • Returns status
  • Visibility of freight on the water, in the air or on road/rail?


Our customer focused team will manage all freight functions on your behalf further creating efficiency & time savings for your staff. You can focus on your core business and leave the freight to us. This is optional but at no cost to you if you choose to take this up.


Regular meetings are held between TLM and clients in an ongoing management process with data presented to maximise optimisation of usage and expenditure at all times.

Always Open

We operate 24/7 for certain clients enabling a genuine single point of contact for the whole business freight and supply chain management.

Don’t take our word for it

TLM will provide you referees and case studies upon from major global brand retailers, manufacturers, FMCG’s and distributors. We are happy for you to attend some of our managed client sites upon availability and stand behind the words written on this site. Whilst we do not wish to make our client base known on here, rest assured you will be given the access to these referees and sites as required.

Our process

1. Investigate

We do the investigating & analysis so you don’t have to.

Working with you, we meet the key stakeholders to understand the individual idiosyncrasies, specific to each area related to freight. We ask and research requirements, enhancements and “utopia” scenarios and client expectations.

2. Ideate

We then perform a complete analysis of the freight profile specific to your business. We produce a comprehensive report on your logistics profile, ensuring a full understanding of your requirements and desired outcomes.

3. Review and present

When the review is complete, we present a recapped and finalised version of our recommendations, agree to an implementation timeline and begin TLM’s technology build.  

4. Technology

Our award winning cloud based, multi carrier software platform is made available to you at no cost with unlimited licenses for your business. This enables you to have genuine central platform for all freight management regardless of carrier numbers. This gives full visibility of your Supply Chain distribution, including full tracking, scan events, ETAs and PODs, immediate accurate quotes and it’s all accessible from PC, mobile or tablet.

5. Savings

Our focus is on ensuring this exercise provides a strong reduction in expenditure. This is achieved in the following ways;

  1. Direct cost reductions without affecting services. Many clients actually decide to remain with their incumbent with savings achieved as part of a market review.
  2. Lowset cost multi carrier software that eliminates carrier choice errors
  3. Enhanced Technology and software platform leading to efficiency and elimination of some processes.
  4. Optimisation of freight usage patterns and ensuring rate cards are in line with actual cubic profile & weights consigned.
  5. All freight customer service is managed for you eliminating wasted staff time following up failures.
  6. All freight follow up with carriers is performed by us eliminating wasted staff time within your business. We proactively manage each consignment seeking to eliminate errors before they occur

6. Dedicated expertise

Your company will have one single point of contact, nationally, for any freight related question or query. This team leader will be an experienced freight manager, who is inducted in your business needs, operate as per an agreed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for your specific needs and have met your operational & CS staff personally before the go live date. They will run your account within TLM and also have the support of further experienced operators including CS Manager, Operations Manager, General Manager, Commercial Manager and Managing Director. Our executive management team have well in excess of 150 years’ experience in freight and are extremely well networked for you.

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