How do I get prices?

We need to understand your freight profile and footprint so we analyse data, design a solution that suits your needs and then go to market anonymously and utilise our buying power to ensure you gain better than market rates.

What clients do you work for already?

We work for many household brands and companies. Sales volumes of clients exceeds Aus $2b. We are happy to make these names & references available to you upon further working together.

How do you track our goods?

Our cloud based technology enables full tracking of products. This can also be done from mobile phone.

Is software truly free?

Yes – we own it and develop it accordingly to your needs. We give you unlimited licenses for full operational use.

Do we have to purchase labels via you?

Unlike many competitors we do not make margins on labels or any other hardware products.

Can we have a software demonstration?

Yes – we can do this at a time convenient to you. Just contact us to arrange.

Can the software integrate into our business ERP?

Yes – you can operate from Stand alone software with no set up, to partially integrated or fully integrated into your ERP. This integration creates very strong operational efficiencies. Contact us to find out how.